Our Product


What we offer

  • An effective survey tool and data management platform specifically made for benchmarking and assessments.
  • Great flexibility in the creation of survey models.
  • Computation of custom scores defined by your model.
  • Immediate output of data in graphs and customizable reports.
  • Live data tracking and updates.


Immediate output

Data from each question answered in surveys is immediately output to graphs meant for benchmarking. Scores for different categories set in your model are computed using custom weights. End reports can be customized to contain the graphs and scores that you need. These customizations can be done beforehand or on the spot. This means data can be analyzed from several perspectives with a few quick changes.

chart (2)

Goals and comparisons

Scores of different users can easily be compared. BenchmarkModel categorizes users according to industry or custom attributes. This allows users to filter out relevant competitors or parties to which they wish to benchmark themselves. Data models can also include goals and reference values. When these values are set, the results also compare the scores of users to the values set by the model.



Easy model management

With our data management platform you have a lot of flexibility in how you can organize your data models. BenchmarkModel gives you your own cloud based environment with a multi level user system. This allows for a neat categorization of surveys and allows you to set proper user permissions for the different users of the system.